Good Grief. I think I lost 10 pounds due to sweating today, and if you know me, you know I can’t afford to lose any weight. Speaking of weight, one of Julianne’s missions has been to get me to gain weight. I know that sounds kinda funny, since everyone in the world is usually trying to lose weight. I think it is working, because I am noticing some more fat around my waist. I guess I don’t really want to gain that kinda of weight.

Speaking of gaining weight, Terry is probably one person who could use the extra pounds, like myself. He was moving into his new place today, which is pretty sweet. It is big, they have a pool, and a grill. ‘Nuff said. So, it definitely was NOT a good idea to be moving today, being that it was the hottest day ever. But, at least we got to eat some hamburgers, which is what any good person would provide for people helping to move.

Youth group went well tonight. I would like to post the Bible study up, but it seems like it would take up the whole page, and I am not really down with that. Maybe I can figure out how to do something with it on WordPress. Oh, ya, I am really happy about the jump so far. I am thinking about having my Xanga automatically redirect to this site, but I am not web-savy enough to figure that out yet. Maybe someone can tell me what to do.

This is a crazy video of a guy dunking over a car. What? Yup.

Anyway, I have to prepare for Sunday School. And it is Sunday already!


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