Life Out in the Boondocks

Some of you know that I recently moved out WAY FAR, into the boondocks of Orlando. While the drive is a bit much sometimes, it is not a bad place to live. I have electricity, my own room, and most importantly, internet. So, even though it is not as luxurious as some of the other places I have lived in the past, it is home for now. It kinda reminds me of when we went to Centrifuge in North Carolina, being all surrounded by trees and what not, except there aren’t any mountains. Not sure if there are bears, but I will keep you posted.

This is the place. NICE!!! Notice all the trees…

Some more trees…

Theres a bunch of logs under there…(my roomate plans to build stuff with it)

My room, a mess right now…

Dueling Monitors!!! (or dual…)

The bathroom…(notice the lovely wallpaper)

Well that’s it. Come by and visit me sometime, and see it LIVE!!!


2 Comments on “Life Out in the Boondocks”

  1. Patrick says:

    WOW…PINK SHOWER CURTAIN! and it matches the wall paper..haha Yeah I will go visit your place some day..How far is it from mine’s?

  2. Janica says:

    looks like an interesting set up. yeah looks like the prior rentees were female, cuz who else would pic colors like that? prolly no bears but watch out for them snakes!

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