It’s Been a LONG WEEK!

Sometimes I wonder if time moves by at the same speed for everyone. There are many times when I will feel it has been a fast week and someone else will be like, “Ya, it has!” and other times it will be a SUPER LONG WEEK and other people will be like, “I know!”. Or, I wonder if it’s just cause the people I ask are influenced by the same things as me, that’s why we feel the same thing. That’s probably a more reasonable answer.

I haven’t been updating the past couple of says because I had no internet for 2 days. One thing I hate about DSL is the frequency that it get messed up. I remember when I was living in the Woodlands how either Marshall or Brian would always be telling me that the internet was down, and I always had to call the tech guy to fix it. It is pretty funny to me that every tech guy does things differently. How the heck do they know what’s going on? Well, sometimes you get those good tech guys, and you’ll be done in like 5 minutes. Other times, you get the guy in India, and he is doing the whole “C as in charlie, O as in omega” thing and it will take like an hour. That is really frustrating.

Next week, I will be in California for my cousin’s wedding. Do you guys remember the Wendy’s Airtran Promotion? Well, we are flying on tickets we got from that. Not too shabby. I’m glad I met that one guy who kept giving me a stack of cups everytime I went to Wendy’s. I am glad we got the tickets, because I saw people selling the cups on eBay and was afraid that Wendy’s and Airtran might stop the promotion all together. I’m glad they didn’t. ^_^


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