“Aw, man, am I a woman?”

I think I am going to start jogging every morning from now on. Deb and I did it when we were out in Cali, and I must say, I haven’t felt that refreshed in along time. I was alert and awake the whole day! It was a pretty good feeling. Something about exercise in the morning clears your brain and gives you energy the rest of the day, without drinking coffee or tea.

I did it this morning and it was awesome. It was really nice to jog outside, because of all the trees around the neighborhood I live in. It was also a good reason to get outside and be seen by some of the neighbors, since I rarely go outside. Maybe if I jog more around the neighborhood, I will get to know my neighbors a little more, even if it’s just a courteous hello wave.

So, tonight after Bible study, we showed some videos from YouTube on the projection screen. For some reason, this has happened in the past two Bible studies. Maybe this can be some weird kind of thing we do everytime. It’s kinda fun sometimes, especially when the videos are pretty funny. Hopefully, we can keep finding good stuff to show.

Here are some of the videos we showed tonight:

The title for the blog was taken from the Office video.


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