Upset Special?

Today, UF will play host to my UCF. Hopefully, UCF can pull out the upset, being as how my other two teams, the Dolphins and the Hurricanes lost this past week. Oh, well, the Heat are still NBA Champs. ^_^

I really hope UCF can win, because I know too many people at UF, and I have definetely done my share of UF bashing over the years. Good times…

Tonight was fun. Chilled at Terry and Emily’s place with Nick and Jessie. I am really started to see how old I am getting. Our night of hanging out ended at 10 pm. 10 pm!!! We used to go out at 10 pm back in the day. Oh well.

Two CDs I want to get are the new ones from Chris Tomlin and New Found Glory. I know, that is a weird combo, worship and punk-rock. What can I say? I like ’em both. Speaking of which, the Chris Tomlin site is pretty sweet.  Also, if you preorder the CD, you can get some free stuff, like a t-shirt or an autographed CD cover.

Alright Knights, don’t fail me. UCF, LET’S GO KNIGHTS!!!

If UCF loses, don’t expect me to be talking much about it.


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