I’d Prolly End Up Eating It…

Yesterday, Terry showed me the new line of iPods that Apple was releasing. One was of particluar interest, which hailed itself as the “world’s smallest digital music player”. This thing is really, really small. Check it:

If I owned that, I would probably lose it.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, Desiring God just got a new makeover. Even better, it has more resources, like EVERY MESSAGE that John Piper has every preached is available on audio, for FREE. That is really awesome. Not too many famous preachers do that. You usually have to fork over a nice chunk of cash. But, as Bob Allen, who is the voice of Desiring God Radio, says “We aren’t here to make money.” That is some good stuff.

I have a lot to update, but I don’t feel like updating on it yet. So, I’ll just put a YouTube video.

For some reason, this ninja seems like a ripoff of StrongBad. The new Strong Bad e-mail has a record high 23 butt pats! (I guess you’ll have to watch it to know what I’m talking about)


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