Stealing Links From a Missionary

Tonight is the controversial season premiere of Survivor. If you haven’t heard already, this season is different because the tribes are separated by races: Asian, White, Black and Hispanic. Some people think this will promote racism. I don’t think it will. It’s like the Olympics, but on an island and you get to vote people off. No one thinks the Olympics is racist, right? I think it will get some pretty good ratings. I really haven’t seen any of the Survivors since the first one. I think the the Asians will win. Go China! Woooooooooo!

While I was checking out James’ blog and he said some pretty cool links, which I will steal now. They are pretty cool.

5. Potty break mic snafu: CNN’s Phillips chats in the loo during Bush speech”

4. Free Derek Webb


2. Angry Alien Productions

1. The Purpose Driven Message Bible

The Purpose Driven Message Bible is really funny. Thanks James!

Back to Survivor. Go Asians!


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