Good Times

Today is Friday! Thank God! It has been a long week, and also, it is PAY DAY. (Not that I actually get use any of my money, thank you much student loan…) It was also a good day because I got to see one of my old buddies, Ward and family. The last time I saw him was when I was helping him move to Kentucky 2 years ago. How time flys. Anyway, Ward, Nick and I went down to the All-Star Cafe (because Nick gets 50% off, including drinks). It was just fun hanging out, like the old days. Afterwards, we got to see where Nick works. I must say, it is a pretty cool building, and apparently it is the “world’s largest inverted sun-dial”. I guess you just have to see it for yourself.

Tomorrow is going to be more male bonding, since Julianne is out of town with the family. Nothing like some basketball in the morning, video games in the afternoon and maybe a dollar movie. Sweet.

Right now, my internet is REALLY SLOW. It is bad enough already because I have “DSL Lite”, which is another word for REALLY REALLY SLOW. It might be a bit better than dial-up. Anyway, it is really slow because I am uploading my “If We Are the Body” music video to my personal website, because apparently, several pastors want to use it in their sermons this Sunday. That is pretty cool! It would be awesome if John Piper asked me for my video to use during his sermon, although, Piper probably wouldn’t have a video during his sermon. S’all good.

Pam and Jim aren’t the only Office romance…

Whatevs, I’m out.


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