How to Plan an Awesome but Cheap Birthday Date

As previously stated, yesterday was Julianne’s birthday. I did a pretty good job of keeping her birthday a surprise. She thought that we might be going to Bible study, meeting up with my friends, going to Crazy Buffet, or meeting the Bible study people at Crazy Buffet. (All of which were incorrect.) I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to take her to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, since she had never been. Also, they have a $15 OFF special for anyone with a birthday.

They give you A LOT of food, and it is really tasty. Also, the chef does some cool stuff, like flipping knives around and catching things in his chef hat. He also says funny things, like when he throws butter on the food (and they use A LOT of butter) he says “Butter Fly”. I wonder if there is a Kobe Joke Script, or something.

Then afterwards, we just in the mood for watching a flick, so we went to Hollywood Video, and apparently, you get a FREE rental on your birthday. Pretty sweet.

Has anyone noticed that it is EVERYONE’S birthday around this time? Really strange. There has to be a scientific explanation for it.

Speaking of scientific explanation, after Youth group tonight, we had in informal Q&A, with questions ranging from explaining the Trinity to does a cloned human have a soul to where do babies go when they die. It was really interesting and fun, and I hope I helped and did not confuse anyone.

Oh ya, Happy Birthday to all the people who’s birthday it is. It is too much to name.

Enjoy the extra hour tonight!!!



It is now officially Julianne’s Birthday! She is turning 17! Wheee! (J/k, but she looks like she is turning 17, and that’s all that matters…^_^)

A commemorative picture…


Hopefully, there will be better food for you tonight…wherever you go…because it could be one of the places you mentioned, maybe not, but ,maybe…

And of course, how can we celebrate without a little Office?

“Not the way I taught you.” Ye-AAA!!!

Wii(wheeee!), Dolphins Stink, Traffic Tickets

There has been a Daunte Culpepper siting!

Oh, wait, it’s just a screenshot of Madden ’07 (borrowed from for the Nintendo Wii. The Dolphins still stink.

I have been totally out of the loop when it comes to video game system since my beloved Sega Genesis became obsolete. For some reason, I didn’t jump on any of the other video game system bandwagons. But the Wii is so cool! I might have to reconsider…

Ever want to just get out of a ticket? Here are some tips to do that. In my own experience, I found that playing Christian music a bit loudly and being really apologetic can help to get out of a ticket. I think I got out of 3 by doing that. Word!

It has been getting quite chilly here in Florida. 49 degrees this morning! BRRRR!

“Above All Earthly Powers” Recap

I just finished listening to the 2006 Desring God National titled “Above All Earthly Powers: The Supremacy of Christ in a Post-modern World”. I have previously wrote that I felt this was a very needed topic in our world, being as how many people hold a post-modern worldview (whether they like it or not). The sessions I particularly enjoyed were Voddie Baucham,  Mark Driscoll  (yes, the “Cussing Pastor”) , and  of course John Piper. I think the main point I got from the conference was that truth and relevance can co-exist, but you have to have truth. The panels and the Q&A’s are also really interesting, and some are even a bit funny.

That’s all I got. Go listen to it!

The New Birth

The New Birth

John 3:1-8

Recap of Last Bible Study: Last time, we were finishing up John Chapter 2. We looked at a passage that talked about how many people were observing Jesus perform miracles, but Jesus did not commit himself to these people. Why didn’t Jesus commit himself to these people? Although the passage says that they “believed” in Jesus, He knew their hearts and knew they did not have true belief. What makes up true belief? True belief consists of commitment, “Denying yourself, taking up your cross and following Jesus” and joy. We ended with a realization that we don’t have enough joy in God, and that we had to fight for joy. I gave the people who were here a copy of John Piper’s talk on How to fight for joy. I hope that you guys did the homework.

This week we will be starting in John 3. Before we start, has anyone heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? This is not something that I made up. There is an actual Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The guy who made up this religion is Bobby Henderson. The religion is satire and a parody of Christianity. However, there are people who claim to follow this so called FSM. So, what is the difference between someone who believe in the FSM or someone who believe in God? People argue that both are the same. But, what does the Bible say? Tonight, we will be talking about the new birth. As Christians, when we believe, something changes in our lives, and it is not just what we think. But we will look at that later. Let’s go ahead and turn to John 3:1-8. Read John 3:1-8. Read the rest of this entry »

This Will Make You Feel Crappy

When I was in college, we always used to joke about how “poor” we were. We would talk about how we had to eat Easy Mac everyday, or only eat half a hot dog, because we couldn’t afford to eat another one. But, when I think about it, I was not really poor as a college student. I always had food, always had a place to stay (even if I did not like it…) and always had money to do fun stuff, like go to the movies or whatever. Even though I did not have an exuberant amount of money, I got by. But, when we really think about it, how many of us really know what poor means? I thought I did in college, and it was always a running joke, but I had no idea what poor was.

Check this out to see how not poor you are:

Global Rich List  (Courtesy of
Ya, it is pretty ridiculous.

It has been on my heart recently to start a ministry for the poor at my church. I have no idea how that looks like or what to do. Since our church is by downtown, we see our fair share of poor people.  I was reading in my Bible last night about Paul being instructed to go to the Gentiles and share the good news and also to remember the poor. (Gal. 2:10)

If anyone has any good ideas on what the heck we can do to help the poor, please drop a line.

Computer Glasses Are the Bomb

I was recently reading about CVS (no, not the store), which is Computer Vision Syndrome.
It occurred to me that there is a possiblity I could be potentially be suffereing from CVS, because I work in front of a computer for about 8.5 hours a day. (And when I am not working, I am goofing off, also on the computer. Usually checking mail or updating my fantasy football. Hee-hee) So, during my eye exam last week, I asked the doctor about CVS and he recommended computer glasses. I read alittle bit about it online, but I wanted to ask him about it before making the purchase. So, he wrote me a prescription for them, and I just got them today. I know that I might have only been trying them for maybe 20 minutes total so far, but they are amazing. I can see the screen really clear. It is really, really, helpful. I highly recommend it for people who spend 8.5+ hours in front of a computer. Now I know why whenever they show people on TV working on a computer, they are wearing glasses.

Last week on the local news, they did a piece on the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Apparently, Bobby Henderson, who created the FSM, did so because there was so much talk about the schools teaching Intelligent Design along with Evolution. His arguement was that ID was not science, while Evolution was. He did not understand why religion was making his way into the science classroom. (If you ask me, Evolution isn’t a science either, and if you aren’t going to teach ID, then don’t teach Evolution.) So, he wrote a letter to Kansas School Board and asked them to also teach about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which he claims is just as true as God. Here’s a picture of the FSM:

Kinda like a sea creature or something. There is also a Wikipedia entry on it.

It is quite sad that people will go so far to mock God. Just remember, you reap what you sow, and God will not be mocked.