Day Long Dates Are Fun

Today was a really fun day! Julianne and I had one of our famous “Day Long Dates”. It started at 6:30 AM, (and yes, that is earlier than I get up for work). We were planning to go eat breakfast and go canoeing at a place in Deland, which is a bit of a drive away. The place we at breakfast is pretty popular. It was full when we got there, and it was about 9 AM on a Saturday morning. If there are people there at 9 AM on Saturday, it has got to be pretty good. It was! The restaurant is famous for its All-You-Can-Eat-Pancakes that you cook yourself. It got a hibachi-style grill thing in front of you, and they bring out two pitchers of batter and whatever toppings you ordered. I personally prefer the chocolate chips. It was really really good. I will have to take some more people there sometime.
After the hearty breakfast, we went canoeing. That was fun, but tiring. We were kinda paranoid about the alligators, and thought that every piece of floating algae was a gator head. Fun times. Afterwards, we ate some Chinese food in Altamonte.Then, I went to get my eyes examined, which I haven’t done in a couple years. Here’s a tip: if you wait more than a year, be ready to get a scolding from the lady who checks your eyes before the eye doctor. She was saying all this stuff like how I wasn’t taking care of my eyes. It’s not like I am pouring acid in them or anything. (Sorry Jessie) Anyway, she told me that everything I was doing was wrong, and I needed to buy the name brand contact solution, because apparently its not the same. Who knew.

The doctor was pretty funny though. When I was getting my eyes examined, it reminded me of that Brian Regan bit where he talks about how you don’t want to fail the exam and end up with Hubble Telescope glasses. Anyway, I think I did good on the exam. I did get a free pair of contacts, and some of that really nice contact solution.

Afterwards, I went back to Julianne’s where we watched the In-Laws, which was a very weird and funny movie. We also ate some Cajun Chicken Pasta, from Julianne’s new cookbook. Now I am home and I just finished ordering some contacts and some eye glasses. All I know is eye stuff is really expensive! I don’t want to know how much I spent today on eye stuff. But, I did manage to save money on some regular glasses at Zenni Optical. You really can’t beat 8.95 for frames and lenses! That’s right! I spend more money on a bottle of name brand contact solution.

I am tired. Good-night.


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