This Will Make You Feel Crappy

When I was in college, we always used to joke about how “poor” we were. We would talk about how we had to eat Easy Mac everyday, or only eat half a hot dog, because we couldn’t afford to eat another one. But, when I think about it, I was not really poor as a college student. I always had food, always had a place to stay (even if I did not like it…) and always had money to do fun stuff, like go to the movies or whatever. Even though I did not have an exuberant amount of money, I got by. But, when we really think about it, how many of us really know what poor means? I thought I did in college, and it was always a running joke, but I had no idea what poor was.

Check this out to see how not poor you are:

Global Rich List  (Courtesy of
Ya, it is pretty ridiculous.

It has been on my heart recently to start a ministry for the poor at my church. I have no idea how that looks like or what to do. Since our church is by downtown, we see our fair share of poor people.  I was reading in my Bible last night about Paul being instructed to go to the Gentiles and share the good news and also to remember the poor. (Gal. 2:10)

If anyone has any good ideas on what the heck we can do to help the poor, please drop a line.


2 Comments on “This Will Make You Feel Crappy”

  1. Maria Toth says:


    Thanks for your post,
    Maria Toth in the UK

  2. Ray says:

    Well thanks for the comments, no one else does. Bunch of american jerks. jk.

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