How to Plan an Awesome but Cheap Birthday Date

As previously stated, yesterday was Julianne’s birthday. I did a pretty good job of keeping her birthday a surprise. She thought that we might be going to Bible study, meeting up with my friends, going to Crazy Buffet, or meeting the Bible study people at Crazy Buffet. (All of which were incorrect.) I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to take her to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, since she had never been. Also, they have a $15 OFF special for anyone with a birthday.

They give you A LOT of food, and it is really tasty. Also, the chef does some cool stuff, like flipping knives around and catching things in his chef hat. He also says funny things, like when he throws butter on the food (and they use A LOT of butter) he says “Butter Fly”. I wonder if there is a Kobe Joke Script, or something.

Then afterwards, we just in the mood for watching a flick, so we went to Hollywood Video, and apparently, you get a FREE rental on your birthday. Pretty sweet.

Has anyone noticed that it is EVERYONE’S birthday around this time? Really strange. There has to be a scientific explanation for it.

Speaking of scientific explanation, after Youth group tonight, we had in informal Q&A, with questions ranging from explaining the Trinity to does a cloned human have a soul to where do babies go when they die. It was really interesting and fun, and I hope I helped and did not confuse anyone.

Oh ya, Happy Birthday to all the people who’s birthday it is. It is too much to name.

Enjoy the extra hour tonight!!!


One Comment on “How to Plan an Awesome but Cheap Birthday Date”

  1. Andy says:


    Kobe was our favorite place to eat in Orlando, especially when we could use the birthday special.

    Talk to you later.

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