No Computer=No Updates

Some of you faithful raysdays blog readers might have been wondering what happened last week, since there were NO UPDATES. Well, my computer died, hard drive got fried, that’s why there have been no updates. Hopefully, I’ll be able to purchase one soon. I will be back!

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe this Black Friday.


Who May Ascend the Mountain of the LORD?

Psalm 24 gives us the answer:

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who does not lift up his soul to an idol
or swear by what is false.

As a Christian, we know that this is not of our own. For we are not born with clean hands, or pure hearts. It is only by grace through faith in Christ, that I can have clean hands and a pure heart. Reading a verse like this makes aware of how utterly sinful I am apart from the rightouesness of Christ. I am reminded of how sinful I am when I forget about Christ in how I live.

It would be easy for me to say that I only struggle with one thing, but it seems like there are so many things. Very little things, like impatience, bitterness, hate, apathy. I used to think the only thing I struggled with was lust. That was the big thing. But, there is so much more stuff. So much sin. I pray that God will make me in practice what I am positionally in His eyes through Christ.


The Daffron’s had their little baby boy, Reese, on Friday morning. Since Terry hasn’t updated his blog since the X-Men 3 trailer came out (the movie is currently on DVD now…) I will put a picture on their behalf. Here is Reese’s pieces:


Doesn’t he look Asian?!? Ye-AAA!


On a not so light note, I am sure most of you heard about what happened to Ted Haggard, former pastor or New Life Church in Colorado and President of the National Association of Evangelicals. Focus on the Family did an interesting piece this morning by having a panel that included Al Moehler and Ravi Zacharias discussing the incident and “sin issues and clergy and how the church should respond”. It was very interesting. Haggard and his family need some serious prayer.

And Finally…


Welcome home, see you tomorrow.

Believe or Perish

Recap of Last Bible Study: Last time, we were looking at the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night. Nicodemus starts complementing Jesus and saying nice things about him, and Jesus responds and tells him that he needs to be born again to see the kingdom of God. We talked about how it was an impossible thing to do on your own, to be born again. We also looked at why we needed to be born again, which was because we were just by “flesh” previously, and we needed to be born “by the Spirit”. We looked at how the Holy Spirit is the one causes the new birth, and he goes around like wind. So what is our response to be, if we are not in control of that? Our response is to be of desperation.


This week, we are continuing to look at the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus. Let’s read John 3:10-17.


Verse 10: The last thing we heard Nicodemus say was, “How can this be?” How did Jesus respond to this question? He asks another question, but what he was really saying was “You are a prominent teacher, you should know this.” There are references to the spiritual cleaning in the Old Testament, but apparently, Nicodemus did not know of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Stupid ABC…

Julianne got me into LOST last season, and even though I didn’t see any of Season 1, I was kind of getting what was going on. So, I was really excited about this season, because as you LOST fans know, EVERYTHING IS CRAZY on the island. However, last night while I was watching it with Julianne, we noticed that there was going to be a new show in the time slot of LOST. We were both kinda confused, and then I remembered that morning I heard something about it on the radio. Apparently, they are canceling LOST until February 7 to put on this dumb show called “Daybreak”, which, from the commercials, looks like an unfunny version of “Groundhog’s Day“. Also, it won’t have Bill Murray, who is hilarious.

I am not liking having less daylight. It seems like it is really late whenever I get off work. Boo!