Stupid ABC…

Julianne got me into LOST last season, and even though I didn’t see any of Season 1, I was kind of getting what was going on. So, I was really excited about this season, because as you LOST fans know, EVERYTHING IS CRAZY on the island. However, last night while I was watching it with Julianne, we noticed that there was going to be a new show in the time slot of LOST. We were both kinda confused, and then I remembered that morning I heard something about it on the radio. Apparently, they are canceling LOST until February 7 to put on this dumb show called “Daybreak”, which, from the commercials, looks like an unfunny version of “Groundhog’s Day“. Also, it won’t have Bill Murray, who is hilarious.

I am not liking having less daylight. It seems like it is really late whenever I get off work. Boo!


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