I Like Green Tea

I have decided to put random titles because I can’t come up with a title that will encompass all the junk I have to say.

This weekend was really fun/tiring. Here’s a brief overview:

Saturday: Went to Julianne’s early in the morning to do my laundry (because my house had NO WATER FOR 3 DAYS. I know that might not be ridiculous in other countries, but it is in America. And yes, the toilet was not flushed for 3 days. Thankfully there were no “deposits”.) and to help her with her company’s letter. I normally charge $50 per hour for my Graphic Design services, but settled for laundry and a BLT sandwich instead. Oh, ya, and I got to help Julianne, which was the real reward or something like that).  Then it was off to Lydia’s (Julianne’s little sister) birthday party.

Julianne’s dad had some games set up for the girls to play at the party, and apparently, I was part of one without me knowing it. The first game was “Chase Ray”, where a bunch of girls (and Mark) chased me around the park. It was a unexpected surprise, but it was fun.

After the party, we got all dressed up and went to Julianne’s company Christmas party. I was expecting it to be very much like an episode of “The Office”. It wasn’t really, but Julianne’s boss did remind me of Michael Scott, a bit. We went to Vito’s Chop House, which has AMAZING steaks that are also AMAZINGLY expensive. But, we weren’t paying, so it’s all good! Julianne still wouldn’t let me get the Surf N’ Turf, which was for 2 people and came with 50 oz. Porterhouse Steak and 2 lbs of lobster, and was only $99.95. I settled for the 24 oz. Prime Rib instead. Mmmm…

Sunday: The Craziest Day Ever Part 2, as Nick dubbed it. It really wasn’t that crazy, because you can’t artificially produce a craziest day ever, it just has to happen. Although it wasn’t crazy, it was fun. Climbed Mt. Everest, saw the Yeti, flew over California on a hang glider, ate on a wilderness trail, and escaped from crazy Mayan killers. Pretty tame stuff.

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