Sweet, Sweet Fantasy (Football)

My fantasy football season is over. I lost the playoff game this weekend. Apparently, everyone on my team decided to have their worst day ever, all together. Oh well. next week I play Lauren for 3rd place. Lauren, if you are reading this, watch out, because the Big Time Players step up in big games, except for last week.

Speaking of fantasy football, one of my youths, Norman, introduced me to Protrade, an online stock market for professional atheltes. It is similiar to fantasy football, but more complicated. You have a portfolio (of fake money) and get to buy atheltes based on how you think they will perform in their next game. If more people buy an athelete, his price goes up, and conversely, if more people sell him, his price goes down. It took me awhile to understand it, but I am starting to get it. It is quite fun, and there are some neat prizes, a 42″ plasma TV. SWEET!!!

Work is so slow right now. I think it is cause of Christmas. No one wants signs or graphics during Christmas. Hopefully thinks will pick up soon, or I will have to keep checking Protrade every 15 minutes.

Oh, ya. Last week, for Sunday School, instead of “regular teaching” we had a guest speaker…JOHN PIPER! Ok fine it was just via satellite (or DVD). Everyone learned a lot from it and really seemed to enjoy it. I was happy because I think John Piper is the man and really like it when I can introduce him to people that have never heard of him.

Gooooooooood nite.


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