My Side of the Story…

I thought it would be cool to post the two sides of the engagement story, so I’ll go first. This is Ray’s side of the “Greatest Engagement Story…Ever”. (The greatest because it involves the greatest girl ^_^)

Saturday, January 27, 2007- So here was “the plan”: Go to dim-sum, drive over to St. Petersburg, spend the day at some of the local attractions, and head over to the beach before sunset. Have a nice, romantic picnic, and during sunset, pop the question. Sounds great! But, the day started off rough and it was a bit off the whole day. I planned on waking up early to make all the food for the picnic, but stayed up late finalizing plans and printing various directions to all the things we were going to go to. So, at about 9, I headed over to Publix. Got all the food and stuff, but it took a bit longer than expected. Got back at around 9:45. I was “SUPPOSED” to meet Julianne for dim-sum at 10, but I figured it would be OK if I was a little late. St. Pete was going anywhere, and this would be a good chance for me to throw a “curve-ball”. So, I called Julianne up, and pretended like I had just woken up and had overslept. This sure would throw her off, since she was expecting the proposal to happen soon. However, I did not plan on her getting upset with me for oversleeping. Whoops. Oh well, she’ll be happy when she gets that ring on her finger, I thought. So I continued to prepare the picnic, and finished about an hour later. (Who knew making a salad and club sandwiches would take that long?) I quickly grabbed all my stuff and ran out the door. I called Julianne on the way over to the restaurant to make sure my curve-ball wasn’t going to ruin the day. Thankfully, she wasn’t upset with me anymore.

I picked Julianne up at Old Navy, where she was exchanging clothes and we were off to the restaurant. During the drive, we had one of our “discussions” about why it was taking me so long to propose. I kept thinking in my head, “It will happen today! Don’t worry!”. (Boy was I wrong!) We had a nice lunch and I told her that we should take a drive. I never say this, so I am pretty sure she knew that something was up. You can’t really keep going to St. Pete a secret, unless I blindfolded her or something. So, as we are driving on the interstate, she is pretty sure that something is going on. But, we both didn’t say anything about it.

The drive to St. Pete was nice. It was really sunny and bright during the drive, but as we pulled up to the Sunken Gardens, our first stop on our tour of St. Pete, it had begun to get cloudy. I checked the weather report the night before, and it said there was only a 10% chance of rain. But, I kept thinking that it would clear up later. The Sunken Garden was OK. It had really nice plants and flowers, but was kinda small, and we were done walking around in about an hour. There were some awkward pauses during the walk, because I think Julianne was thinking I was going to pop the question in the garden. It was kind of funny.

The next stop was the Pier. At this time, it had really started getting cloudy. I was OK with the clouds, but if it was going to rain, it would ruin the entire day. I was a bit stressed, but I tried not to show it. I think I might have been able to enjoy the pier more if I wasn’t so stressed, but I really couldn’t help it. It did have a really cool restaurant on the fifth floor, in this inverted pyramid looking thing. Kinda cool. We were now going to head for the final stop of the trip: the beach. Even though it looked really bad, I thought I would give it a shot anyway, and pray that the weather would change.

The drive to the beach was not very good. It was supposed to only take us 20 minutes, but we ended getting lost. On a positive note, Julianne and I were able to stop at a Bosnian Food Mart and she bought some things that she liked from her mission trip there a couple of years ago. We finally got to the beach after many u-turns. At this point, the entire plan was out the window. The sun had set, and not that it really mattered because it was really cloudy. To top it off, it had started sprinkling. This was supposed to be really special, but the entire day just seemed to be off by a couple of beats. I did not feel comfortable proposing that day, and Julianne could tell. So, I didn’t propose that day, and we drove back to Orlando, with it all not working out.

Although I was upset and discouraged, I already had the wheels turning for my backup plan. When I was figuring this whole beach sunset thing, I also had an idea for getting off work early during the weekday and setting up her room all nice, surprising her that way. With this whole beach idea down the drain, it was time to move to plan B…




Julianne and I are ENGAGED!!! More pictures and stories to follow soon…

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What does an “Emerging Christian” look like?

There has been a lot of talk about the Emerging Church in evangelical circles. Many are embracing it and many are denying it. But, how are we to spot an “Emerging Christian”? This is not as easy as it sounds, but this will help. This is one of the funneist posts I have ever seen.

I wonder why no one uses pay phones anymore…

Here are some more where these came from.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is getting used to writing 2007 and not 2006 already. This weekend I got my car fixed. For those of you that have been around my car when it starts, you know that it sounds like it is going to explode. My dad told me to get it checked out and it turns out it was the timing belt. I also got some other stuff fixed too. It was really expensive, but I got my car back and it is like new! (Except for how it looks, and drives.)

Last year at this time, I was in Tenn. for Passion ’06. This year, I didn’t go for a couple of reasons, mainly because I have a real job now. But, it is awesome that they are streaming the ENTIRE CONFERENCE for FREE!!!  Pretty sweet. Better check it out quick, each session will only be online for 24 hours. I can’t wait to hear John Piper! w00t!

On a side note, Charlie Hall is singing all the same songs, exactly like he did last year. But he’s still cool.