Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is getting used to writing 2007 and not 2006 already. This weekend I got my car fixed. For those of you that have been around my car when it starts, you know that it sounds like it is going to explode. My dad told me to get it checked out and it turns out it was the timing belt. I also got some other stuff fixed too. It was really expensive, but I got my car back and it is like new! (Except for how it looks, and drives.)

Last year at this time, I was in Tenn. for Passion ’06. This year, I didn’t go for a couple of reasons, mainly because I have a real job now. But, it is awesome that they are streaming the ENTIRE CONFERENCE for FREE!!!  Pretty sweet. Better check it out quick, each session will only be online for 24 hours. I can’t wait to hear John Piper! w00t!

On a side note, Charlie Hall is singing all the same songs, exactly like he did last year. But he’s still cool.


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