So, how’s wedding stuff?

Sorry to all my faithful blog readers. I apologize for abandoning you these past few months. I am sure you missed whatever kind of stuff was posted on here.

“So, how’s wedding stuff?”

Yes, wedding stuff has been busy, and yes, and I very excited about the wedding. It is pretty crazy to think that it is coming up so soon! This next couple of weeks will be very busy, and will include the following:

  • Having a Bachelor Party (Playing paintball, hopefully I won’t get shot in the face or be too bruised up for the you know what)
  • Moving to the new Lau residence
  • Moving the future Mrs. Lau to the new Lau residence (it sounds weird to call Julianne “Mrs. Lau”…maybe it wouldn’t be so weird if I already didn’t know like 10 Lau’s already…)
  • ¬†Oh ya, and getting married.

After all that, we will be enjoying a nice break to Hawaii! (Thanks to an undisclosed family member, who by request wishes to remain nameless)

So, after the wedding, I anticipate the new question I will be asked 100,000,000 times is “So, how married life?”