New Job (But Not So New Anymore…)

I won’t even comment on how long it has been since I posted. Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty.

I am not sure how many of you knew this, but 2 weeks before our wedding, I was laid off my job! Yes, probably one of the worst things that could happen. I was pretty upset, and really couldn’t believe that it could hapen 2 WEEKS BEFORE I GOT MARRIED. I wanted to tell my boss, “Hey thanks for the wedding gift. I’ll let you know when we have  kid, so you can come over and slash my tires.”

It was not a very fun 2 weeks, with all the finalizations of the wedding details and now the looming dark cloud of having to find a new job, let alone all the uncertainties that it included. And considering how long it took me to find my previous job (um, a year) things weren’t looking very good. But we decided that the wedding was more important, we were only getting married once, and we couldn’t let this ruin our wedding. (Easier said then done)

After we got back from the honeymoon (that will have to be an entirely different post, good stuff) I had an interview with a company I applied for. I got hired a couple of weeks later, and now I have been there over a month, and things are pretty good. The job is with a bigger and better company, the work is more challenging and rewarding, and the pay is better. God really provided in a great way.


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