Golden Compass: The Anti-Narnia

When I saw an ad for the Golden Compass, I immediately thought, “Cool, another Narnia-like movie. Sweet!”. A little heroine, animals looking all awesome-looked great. However, after I did some reading on the movie, I was quite surprised. The movie is actually based on a series of books written by Phillip Pullman, a self-proclaimed atheist, and he wrote the books because he hated C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. This is from an article in Plugged-In:

Pullman represents the polar opposite of Lewis. Pullman has repeatedly—and with apparent glee—lashed out at both Lewis and the faith he represents. “I hate the Narnia books, and I hate them with a deep and bitter passion,” he told one interviewer, “with their view of childhood as a golden age from which sexuality and adulthood are a falling-away.”

I was pretty offended when I read these comments because of a great admiration for Lewis and his works. But as much as I like Lewis, Pullman’s hatred runs far deeper. His books are really about killing God. Another quote from the same article:

Pullman has said unambiguously, “My books are about killing God.” But despite a great deal of publicity on this subject, the series never addresses the issue of God’s existence with any real certainty. 

I encourage you to read the article in it’s entirety for yourself. You would never think that there was any harm in a movie that is made for kids and is about fantasy, but I think there is a huge problem a movie that is based on books that are so anti-God. I will admit that the movie looks very interesting and entertaining, but I don’t think it is worth it to support a movie with a message of wanting to “kill God”.

Some of you are thinking “What’s the harm? I am not going to renounce my faith in God because I saw this movie, and people aren’t going to not believe in God after they watch a movie. ” That might be true, but I wouldn’t encourage Hollywood with my money, to make more movies that are deliberately anti-God.


One Comment on “Golden Compass: The Anti-Narnia”

  1. Janica says:

    Yeah it’s so sad that this movie is getting all the hype. I had the same exact thoughts when I saw previews earlier in the year. Al Mohler did a really good article on The Golden Compass, and it’s not only offensive of what Pullman’s thoughts are, but sad and appalling. I agree people definitely need to be informed before considering even watching this film.

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