Super Bowl!!!

What a game! Finally, all those times I hoped that the Patriots would lose happened. It was definitely one of the best games in recent history, if not ever. How about “The Great Escape”, as it will be dubbed in the following years:

Or how about the Giants throwing Brady around like a rag doll:

And finally, the game winning touchdown:

How about that Belicheat, first running off the field BEFORE THE GAME WAS OVER and then, after the game, not even congratulating the Giants?

Thanks Giants, for helping the 72 Dolphins remain the only team to have a perfect season! w00t!


3 Comments on “Super Bowl!!!”

  1. Harry says:

    Yea, The Giant made to the touch down 59 second before the game end!

  2. Harry says:

    It was a really good game!!!

  3. sadie02 says:

    I know im pretty late on this but GO GIANTS! WOOO! lol i was blog surfing and this caught my eye =)

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