Craziest Night EVER

Disclaimer: It’s probably not a good thing if I have to start off a post by saying I AM NOT A WIFE BEATER. But I have to say it it, since people will wonder about that after the following story.
With that said, the following is a story of the “Craziest Night EVER”, aka “How Julianne broke her nose”.

I just changed my car battery the night before, and apparently I didn’t tighten the clasps on the battery, so when I was leaving work the car didn’t start. I however, did not know it was loose, so I called AAA and called Julianne to come get me. The AAA guy came about 1/2 an hour later, and looked at it real quick, tightened the clasps, and the car started. I felt like a big dummy, but at least my car was working, so I was OK with it.

We got home and realized we needed to mow our lawn because it was really long and we didn’t want to get any complaints from the HOA. We finally got the lawnmower put together, and started mowing the lawn. After we shut it off the second time to move to a different section, the lawnmower didn’t start! I started cranking the thing like crazy, trying to get it started, but I did not notice that Julianne was standing behind me…BAM, my elbow hit her in the face! She ran into the house, holding her nose and crying!

I felt like SUCH A DUMMY.

We decided to go to the emergency room to make sure nothing was wrong. We went Centra Care because we thought it would be faster than the emergency room at Florida Hospital. Boy were we wrong! First, the guy in front of us registering at the KIOSK took a 1/2 hour to put his information in! I am pretty sure he did not know how to work the thing. My first clue was when he made a mistake and tried to hit backspace, he kept hitting BACK instead, starting the whole page over…

It was a VERY LONG 1/2 hour.

Needless to say, it took us 5 minutes to fill out the form. So we sat down to wait, and about 2 hours later (it now about 11) one of the nurses says “PLEASE EVACUATE THE BUILDING NOW!” We all go outside, and she explains to us that there was smoke coming from a vent, so the fire dept. had to come to check it out. 5 minutes later, about 3 Fire Engines and 2 Emergency vehicles show up at the Centra Care. The nurse said it would be about an hour before we could get back in the building!

We decided to try Florida Hospital instead. When we got there and were registering with the front clerk, Julianne just starts laughing, telling them all about the crazy things that happened. After some more hours, we finally get seen. Thankfully, it was not too bad, just a hairline fracture, and no crookedness. So we got at about 2:30 on a work night. That’s the craziest night ever.


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