Mr. Miyagi Costume!

For Halloween, I decided to dress up as Mr. Miyagi. I was going for intentional comedy and hoping for a repeat victory in our annual company costume contest. Also thought it would be awesome if I could get Isaiah to dress up as the Karate Kid.

Mr. Miyagi Costume

Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.

The most interesting piece in the costume is the shirt, which is an actual shirt my mom gave me to wear, NORMALLY and NOT for a COSTUME. Thanks mom!

I did not end up winning the costume contest, but it was fun dressing up as Mr. Miyagi!


Walking Dead Blog!

Yes this blog is back!!! I know it has been a really long time, and if you look in the archives, you will see that I have made many promises to post more, followed by many months of not posting. But yes, this blog is back from the dead, like a zombie that just won’t die!

My blog is very much like "The Walking Dead" zombies, except much harder to kill.