Redesigning the Stop Sign

I just had an experience like this at work:


Icon Designing

Here is an EXCELLENT resource I found today at work on creating icons. A must read for graphic designers!!!

Logo Critique

Here is a logo I did for a friend. What do you all think? (Yes, I am talking to you, the one person who reads this blog!)

Thoughts, comments, questions?


Consider this the reloading of this blog!

Hits are down, page views low…(Of course this could have something to do with NEVER UPDATING)

Time to give people a fresh coat of paint! Something new to look at!

Yes, it’s time for a design reload!!! Ye-A!!!

Fun With Texts

Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don’t want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they’re amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who’s brave enough
to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.




Here is a tutorial to do the picture above.