Porn-Again Christian

In a very frank and provocative way, Mark Driscoll addresses the struggle of many Christians with pornography.

The e-book, available here, will be released in the upcoming months. I think this is a good read for any guy, even if you are not struggling with pornography.

Here is a sample from the first chapter:

God tells us that his people tend to satisfy their thirst not by drinking from his streams of living water, but instead drinking from man-made toilets (Jer. 2:13). This metaphor is particularly adept in a world where men such as Tom Leykis, Dr. Drew, Howard Stern, and a legion of men’s magazines and porno providers become wealthy by selling glasses of toilet water to thirsty men across our nation, many of whom claim to be sons of God. Meanwhile, the church alone has access to the living water from God’s perfect Word, but largely fails to teach men masculinity in any area, particularly regarding their sexuality.

Sounds like good stuff.


Hurricanes Ike No Joke

There are some pretty crazy looking pictures of the damage that Hurricane Ike left in Texas.

Here is one:



Here is a quote from Jon Bloom, a blogger at Desiring God, on the hurricane and its effects:

The Lord of every storm and every rain drop and every wind gust and every house and every street and every tree and every power line and every car and every life will “never leave you nor forsake you. Therefore we can confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper, I will not fear, what can man [or nature] do to me’” (Heb 13:5-6).

For I am sure that neither tribulation nor distress nor persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor sword nor death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor things present nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:35, 38-39).

Ike is no match for Jesus Christ. Even the winds and water obey his commands (Luke 8:25). All his disciples are safe in his boat, even as the winds rage and the waves slap over the sides.

Saturday Post

Maybe Ike isn’t coming to Florida. But it will go to somebody, which is not great.

I just finishing mowing the lawn. I hate mowing the lawn! But, it’s a good workout, and I FINALLY figured out how to start the lawnmower correctly. (No broken noses this time!)

Mark Driscoll had an interesting interview with John Piper. It is a bit long, but very interesting look into his life. If you don’t know this about me already, John Piper has been a HUGE influence in my life. He was my “pastor” for many years when I went to a church without one.

Also on Driscoll’s blog, there is a guide to Six Study Habits, and a word on Obedience. Very good stuff!

Some of my close friends, Nick and Jessie, are currently “out of the country, doing awesome things”. Check their blog for some funny pictures of “foreign places”. Their most recent post is on an abandoned carnival. Weird and scary!!!

Carnival of Death!!!

Carnival of Death!!!

According to, Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi are on board for Spider-Man 4 and 5! I hope it doesn’t stink as much as Spider-Man 3. BOO!!!

Max Maclean is offering a FREE version of Jonathon Edward’s famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” (Thanks Challies!)

Tonight, the Gators are playing the Hurricanes!!! It is expected to be an easy win for the Gators. (BOO!) We are in the PEAK of HURRICANE SEASON!!! Upset special!!! Ray’s Upset Special Prediction: Miami OVER UF, 24-21.

The Warning Flags are UP!!! Head for Shelter!!!

The Warning Flags are UP!!! Head for Shelter!!!

Golden Compass: The Anti-Narnia

When I saw an ad for the Golden Compass, I immediately thought, “Cool, another Narnia-like movie. Sweet!”. A little heroine, animals looking all awesome-looked great. However, after I did some reading on the movie, I was quite surprised. The movie is actually based on a series of books written by Phillip Pullman, a self-proclaimed atheist, and he wrote the books because he hated C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. This is from an article in Plugged-In:

Pullman represents the polar opposite of Lewis. Pullman has repeatedly—and with apparent glee—lashed out at both Lewis and the faith he represents. “I hate the Narnia books, and I hate them with a deep and bitter passion,” he told one interviewer, “with their view of childhood as a golden age from which sexuality and adulthood are a falling-away.”

I was pretty offended when I read these comments because of a great admiration for Lewis and his works. But as much as I like Lewis, Pullman’s hatred runs far deeper. His books are really about killing God. Another quote from the same article:

Pullman has said unambiguously, “My books are about killing God.” But despite a great deal of publicity on this subject, the series never addresses the issue of God’s existence with any real certainty. 

I encourage you to read the article in it’s entirety for yourself. You would never think that there was any harm in a movie that is made for kids and is about fantasy, but I think there is a huge problem a movie that is based on books that are so anti-God. I will admit that the movie looks very interesting and entertaining, but I don’t think it is worth it to support a movie with a message of wanting to “kill God”.

Some of you are thinking “What’s the harm? I am not going to renounce my faith in God because I saw this movie, and people aren’t going to not believe in God after they watch a movie. ” That might be true, but I wouldn’t encourage Hollywood with my money, to make more movies that are deliberately anti-God.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is getting used to writing 2007 and not 2006 already. This weekend I got my car fixed. For those of you that have been around my car when it starts, you know that it sounds like it is going to explode. My dad told me to get it checked out and it turns out it was the timing belt. I also got some other stuff fixed too. It was really expensive, but I got my car back and it is like new! (Except for how it looks, and drives.)

Last year at this time, I was in Tenn. for Passion ’06. This year, I didn’t go for a couple of reasons, mainly because I have a real job now. But, it is awesome that they are streaming the ENTIRE CONFERENCE for FREE!!!  Pretty sweet. Better check it out quick, each session will only be online for 24 hours. I can’t wait to hear John Piper! w00t!

On a side note, Charlie Hall is singing all the same songs, exactly like he did last year. But he’s still cool.

Too Ridiculous to Comment On

Read this for yourself and think of your own comments.

Who May Ascend the Mountain of the LORD?

Psalm 24 gives us the answer:

He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who does not lift up his soul to an idol
or swear by what is false.

As a Christian, we know that this is not of our own. For we are not born with clean hands, or pure hearts. It is only by grace through faith in Christ, that I can have clean hands and a pure heart. Reading a verse like this makes aware of how utterly sinful I am apart from the rightouesness of Christ. I am reminded of how sinful I am when I forget about Christ in how I live.

It would be easy for me to say that I only struggle with one thing, but it seems like there are so many things. Very little things, like impatience, bitterness, hate, apathy. I used to think the only thing I struggled with was lust. That was the big thing. But, there is so much more stuff. So much sin. I pray that God will make me in practice what I am positionally in His eyes through Christ.